Adjustable Dumbbell Toy Set For Kids

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This adjustable dumbbell set is really fun. Play with it at home or at the beach. Show off your strength by lifting this dumbbell with ease. This dumbbell set includes 6 weight plates, 1 dumbbell bar, and 2 lock collars. Place one, two, or three weight plates on each end of the dumbbell bar and lock it into place using the lock collars. The weight plates comes in 3 different sizes: small (150ml), medium (250ml), large (400ml). This dumbbell set starts at 1lb and can increase when it is filled with either water or sand. Dumbbell measures 14" x 6" x 6". It's also very colorful with smooth edges. Your kids will love this dumbbell set!

Fun, Colorful Dumbbell Set
6 Weight Plates, Dumbbell Bar, 2 Lock Collars
Fill with Sand or Water
14" x 6" x 6"

Package Contents:
1 Dumbbell Bar
6 Weight Plates
2 Lock Collars


Recommended Age: 3+
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