Bag Of Realistic Chicken Eggs Toy Food Playset (Pack Of 30 Fake Eggs)

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Bag of 30 pieces of chicken eggs that look realistic to the eggs bought at the grocery store or fresh from the farm. These chicken eggs are similar size to the real eggs and you get a value of 30 pieces of eggs. These can be used for egg hunting competition, great for pretend play, or decorate them with unique design for Easter time. The eggs are made out of durable plastic, so they can be thrown carefully around without damaging them entirely.

30 pieces of realistic looking eggs
Life sized chicken egg
Made out of durable plastic, so they endure small drops
Perfect for egg hunts, pretend play, and decorating on them
Eggs are versatile and can be used for many creative fun projects or play time.

Package Contents:
30pcs x realistic chicken eggs

Weight: 5.6oz

Recommended Age: 3+
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