Cartoon Animals Friction Push And Go Toy Cars Play Set (Set of 8) Panda, Cat, Elephant, Dog, Lion, Tiger and Sheep

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These adorable looking animal friction push cars are so cute and small, perfect for little toddlers. These animal cars comes in different varieties of animals such as, tiger, 2 x panda, lion, sheep, elephant, dog, cat. They are friction powered, so toddlers can drag back the little cars and watch it go drive forward at a speedy pace. The cartoon race car comes with a set of 8 animals, so kids can learn to share with others. Teach the toddlers the different kind of animal and the noise they make. Or do a drag race with all the animals participating in it.

Includes Set of 8 Cute and Adorable Animals Cars
Comes in a variety of animals: Panda, Cat, Elephant, Dog, Lion, Tiger, and Sheep
Friction powered - Simply drag the cars back while on the floor and watch it go forward
Adults can teach small toddlers about the different kinds of animal, color, and maybe the noise they make.

Package Contents:
- Set of 8 Cute and Adorable Animal Push Cars (Panda, Cat, Elephant, Dog, Lion, Tiger, and Sheep)

Recommended Age: 3
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