Cute Somersault Little Puppy - Barks, Sits, Walk, And Flips

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An adorable little puppy pal that can do somersaults in mid air, walk, sit, and bark like a real dog. The furry friend is made out of a very soft material and can do awesome tricks for you. Kids can see the dog go for their walk or hear their puppy bark. If that's not enough, then watch it do an awesome flip and land back on his feet again with no help!

Cute little puppy with amazing trick
Puppy can walk, sit, bark, and also do somersaults in the air
The puppy will land back on it's feet after doing the flip
Made out of soft material for more enjoyable hugs
Comes with a cute bandana accessory on the dog

Package Contents:
1 x Cute Little Somersault Puppy

Recommended Age: 3+
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