Dinosaur Storage Carrier, Includes Dinosaur and Cars

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A dinosaur carrier toy that contains miniature dinosaur figurine, vehicles, and helicopter. The dinosaur carrier has a built-in handle on top, so kids can conveniently hold it and take it where ever they want . Additionally, the tyrannosaurus carriers has wheels on the bottom of the foot making it a dino vehicle. Dinosaur set comes also with 6 different type of miniature dinosaurs, 1 helicopter, and 3 land vehicles. Measures at 16"x5"x7"

- Built-in handle on top, so kids can take it anywhere
- Carrier acts as a storage
- Wheels on the bottom of the carrier
- Great selection of different types of dinosaur
- Made out of sturdy ABS Plastic

Package Contents:
1 x Dinosaur Carrier Storage Truck

Recommended Age: 3+
Item Code: DS917