Friction Powered Dump Truck Toy With Lights And Sound

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The Powered Dump Truck fully resembles the real life dump truck truck and even comes with lights and sound built in. Press the button on the side of the truck and watch the back of the truck lift up to dump the items stored inside of it. Kids can put small items in the back of the truck and watch it get dumped outside. Dump truck runs on fiction energy, just simply pull back the wheels on the floor and watch the truck zoom pass right by you.

Press the lift button on the side to lift up the back
Can open the back and put in stuff in the garbage truck
Friction powered so it will run when you roll it
Attractive lights and truck sounds
Comes installed with the batteries, you need to pull out the plastic piece from the battery area so the batteries would activate

Package Contents:
1 x Dump Truck


Recommended Age: 2+ 
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