Launch Along Connect Four Board Game For Kids

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-Fun ball launching game!
-Be the first to get four in a row!
-Includes game base, 2 launchers and 24 balls
-Easy to assemble
-Fun for the whole family!

Ready, Aim, Fire!
Be the first to get four in a row in this fun ball launching game!
This game is easy to assemble.

To win the game, be the first to connect 4 balls of the same color.
Put a ball on the launcher, aim, pull down and release the launcher to shoot the ball into 1 of the 5 columns.
The first player to connect 4 balls of the same color in a straight line wins!
Press the side button to release all the balls back into the game board.
For an easier game, try connect 3.
Either compete to see who can launch the balls the fastest, or take turns launching the balls.
Your kids will love this game!

Measures 20" x 9" x 14" when fully assembled.
Weight: 1.6 pounds

2x game base
1x Center Pillar Ball Holder
2x Guard Rails
1x Header board
2x Launchers
24x Balls.