Supermarket 32 pieces Grocery Store Playset

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It's the all in one luxury supermarket playset with working scanner and a variety of supermarket produce. Kids can have fun role playing about owning their own supermarket chain. Playset comes with brightly colored produce, snack boxes, milk, and can goods. It even comes with a little shopping cart, so kids can place the items they want in it and shop around some more. The scanner has a built-in light and sound, making it just like the real scanners used at the stores today.

Gorcery Store playset comes with 32 pieces
Includes a wide range of produce, snacks, milk, and can goods items.
Shop around using the small little cart and pay with the pretend credit card machine
Produce and items are vivid and colorful, making it seem more delicious.
The stand has lots of shelves, so they can beautifully display all of the produce that are on sale

Package Contents:
30 pieces grocery store playset

Recommended Age: 3+
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