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Top 3 Shooting Games

Strategy games are fun and everything, but sometimes you need to have a good shooting game to take the edge off. Shooting games usually are mindless, but they're good for relieving a little pressure. There's not a lot of thought processes involved, which is what makes them fun to play. You can either play a first-person shooter and battle terrorists or grab a shotgun and go to town on some turtles. Shooting can encompass everything from a bow and arrow to high-powered guns. If you want to play some fun shooting games, check out the list of different ones here.

Super Mario Rampage

Super mario rampage

Super Mario is an Italian plumber who walks through a bright and colorful world trying to save the princess. Still, in Super Mario Rampage, the story changes. Mario has had enough of using magic or mushrooms. He's exchanging it for a shotgun with bullets. He's going on a rampage through his world to collect coins and save the princess, and you can help him do that.


play free tank games online

Shooting games doesn't mean grabbing a shotgun and blowing your way through enemies. Sometimes you need to control a tank as you blast your way through mountains as you try to hit your enemy. Unfortunately, your opponent is going to try to use the mountains as cover. The game brings a sense of realism by paying attention to the wind speed, the field of your tank, and your tank's repair. You also play through different terrains from the desert to the forest. Use a range of ammunition from missiles to bombs to take out your opponents!

Bush Shoot-Out

Be Part of Bush shootout games

President Bush and his secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have taken over the White House and taken out the security. It's up to the United States president and his secretary of state to be the last stand against terrorists in this entertaining shooting game that is fun for any machine gun enthusiast. You have to fight your way through the Oval Office in the first level. You can also set the settings to easy, medium, or the hardest difficulty: "I'm Bad!"

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